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I think my son is a genius. I also sometimes think that the reasons I label him a genius are pretty amusing. For example, if you came up to me and said “no food” and fully believed that I should … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday Baby Sister

My baby sister turned 27 today. No, I don’t mean the youngest one. I’m actually talking about my oldest little sister, Carina. By the time my younger two sisters were born, I no longer went to stay with my dad, … Continue reading

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Here on the “farm” we compost. Okay, so I don’t actually live on a farm. That’s just what we call our vegetable garden (we tell the baby we’re farming). But we do really compost. Since before we built the farm, … Continue reading

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Hair update

I posted a few months back that I had decided to stop cutting my hair for 2 years. I do realize that a girl not getting her hair cut is not especially noteworthy, but I am a girl who hasn’t … Continue reading

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41 fun facts about Toby

1. He’s Steele’s father. 2. The picture at the top of this post is one of my all time favorites (yes, that is more about me than Toby, but the picture is of him. That counts, right?). 3. He’s from … Continue reading

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My favorite nephew

My favorite nephew turns 5 today. A little bundle of joy and endless energy since birth. I love the kids spirit. He’s funny, adventurous, fearless (almost too fearless), fun to be around and a genius (he’s got good genes). I’ve … Continue reading

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Ice Baths

I am a distance runner. I’m not a fast distance runner, but I run half marathons on a pretty regular basis. I also “coach” a group of fellow distance runners for one of our local running stores. The coaching, like … Continue reading

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Who’s that guy? And what have you done with my baby?!

After I put the baby to bed last night I decided to upload some photos from the camera. I had just taken some pictures for a blog post and I knew there were also some pictures of my precious on … Continue reading

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Post a week fail

So yesterday was my scheduled posting day. I did not post. It was a long day complete with a lack of napping on the part of my precious. Nap time and bed times are really the only times I can … Continue reading

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