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Baking Day – World Nutella Day

It all started with a giant pumpkin and a ridiculous amount of homemade pumpkin puree. Tara (my oldest friend) posted on facebook that she had just produced an ungodly amount of pumpkin puree. A few phone calls later and pumpkinfest … Continue reading

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Go Fishing!

My mom and I were looking for something fun to take the baby to do yesterday and decided to make a trip to the aquarium. It worked out very well for my little family because we got a one year … Continue reading

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“Nose” day

Nose: a precipitation in the form of ice crystals, mainly of intricately branched, hexagonal form and often agglomerated into snowflakes, formed directly from the freezing of the water vapor in the air (from More commonly known as snow (my … Continue reading

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Another resolution

I’ve decided I’m not getting a haircut for the next two years. It’s been about 20 years since I’ve had hair long enough to be considered anything other than short. Earlier this week I was admiring the length of my … Continue reading

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The zoo

For the past two Christmases I have asked for (and received) a zoo membership for our family. Today we finally made use of this year’s membership. It’s still a bit cold outside, so we mostly visited the “living museum” portion … Continue reading

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Resolve – verb (used with object): to come to a definite or earnest decision about; determine (to do something): I have resolved that I shall live life to the fullest. (from My new year’s resolution for 2010 (no that’s … Continue reading

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The World According to Steele

Steele has always been a big talker, he just hasn’t been very intelligible until recently. As he is finally learning to speak English, the names he comes up with for everyday things can be pretty entertaining. So for those of … Continue reading

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Tea Time

When I lived in England, I learned to love hot tea with milk and I passed this love on to my mother.  When I returned home we began a regular tea time tradition complete with a tea pot, a pitcher … Continue reading

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