41 fun facts about Toby


1. He’s Steele’s father.
2. The picture at the top of this post is one of my all time favorites (yes, that is more about me than Toby, but the picture is of him. That counts, right?).
3. He’s from Turley, Oklahoma. Okay, so he just lived there for a while, but I think it had a big impact on him.
4. He used to be really into cycling (which came in really handy today when I was trying to assemble a bicycle for Steele).
5. He used to perm his hair.


6. He rarely poses for a serious picture.
7. Toby isn’t short for Tobias. That’s just his name.
8. He also used to bleach his hair.
9. And shave his legs.
10. And his arms.
11. He’s musically gifted. Hopefully that’s hereditary.
12. He is very good at fixing the automobiles. He even replaced my clutch, which involved removing the engine (I did make him test drive the car before I would get behind the wheel again).


13. He fixed my sister’s car after she killed it (I’m pretty sure that’s part of it pictured above, but I wouldn’t swear to it. I’m not so good with the automobiles).
14. He also talked his friend into driving his truck to OKC to tow her dead car back to our house.


15. He made me order this crazy boat full of sushi for his birthday last year.
16. He’s a very good cook.
17. He’s a dog person, but he loves my cats. Even the crazy one.
18. He’s missing one of his front teeth. Fortunately he no longer feels the need to repeatedly take the fake tooth out to impress me.
19. He’s allergic to my cats. Not so much as he’s allergic to other cats, but he’s allergic all the same.
20. He’s allergic to the grass clippings. They make him wheeze. He mows my lawn anyway.


21. I told him what I wanted the pictures to look like and where I thought the camera should be and he built me this awesome photo booth for Steele’s 1st birthday.
22. He had a strongly Christian upbringing.
23. His mom has since converted to Islam.
24. He used to play the Tuba. He was also on the small side, so I’m guessing that was an amusing site to see.


25. This is what Toby looked like when I first met him. You can see why I fell in love with him … right?
26. He willingly went by the nickname Dr. Filmgood.
27. He didn’t have fingernails when I met him (they’ve since grown back).


28. This lovely mummified rat was living under his house for several years.
29. My mom once introduced him to her friend’s mother as the sperm donor. I thought it was pretty funny (Toby not so much).
30. He gets his love of football from his mother (my dad also inherited his love of football from his mother).


31. He can fix more than just cars. He replumbed the upstairs bathroom drains a week after I moved into my house because they were leaking into the basement bathroom light fixture.
32. He made my sister’s graduation the lovely event that it was. He was responsible for all the sets. I’m just idea person. He makes them all possible, no matter how difficult.
33. He introduced me to fried okra.
34. And fried plantains. We should get some more of those …


35. This is one of the few pictures we have of the two of us together. We were doing the party pics for a fundraiser and I think this was a test shot.
36. He recently told me that at 16 he and his friend didn’t think it would be at all stupid to drive into one of the large piles of snow that you find in a parking lot after it has been plowed. Turns out they were wrong. Who knew?
37. He’s a youngest child (in case that wasn’t obvious to you).
38. His favorite color is orange. Oh wait … that’s me, not Toby.
39. He used to foster greyhounds. I’ve always wanted a greyhound. He actually fostered the dog I wanted. Small world, huh?
40. I think he’s probably a keeper, even if he is, sometimes, a bit obnoxious.
41. He’s 41 years old today.

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