Happy Birthday Baby Sister


My baby sister turned 27 today. No, I don’t mean the youngest one. I’m actually talking about my oldest little sister, Carina. By the time my younger two sisters were born, I no longer went to stay with my dad, but when Carina was a baby, we actually shared a room. By the time the others rolled around, I was too old (and probably too cool) to play with them. When Carina was younger, I was still young enough to actually play with her. She was my first little sister and the only one I actually lived with, so although she isn’t the youngest sister I have, she will always be my baby sister. Even though she’s almost thirty … and I’m way older than that.


My four sisters and I a little over a month ago (Carina’s the one on the far right).

I hope you have a wonderful birthday, baby sister. I love you.

PS. If you are wondering why so few pictures: Carina, like her mother before her and her daughter after her, is not so fond of cameras.

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