My favorite nephew


My favorite nephew turns 5 today. A little bundle of joy and endless energy since birth. I love the kids spirit. He’s funny, adventurous, fearless (almost too fearless), fun to be around and a genius (he’s got good genes). I’ve been browsing through my collection of Bryce photos in preparation for today and I can’t get over how much he’s changed in such a short period of time.


I’ve always loved this picture. I find the similarity between his pose and his pregnant aunts to be very amusing. He’s probably about 8 months old here.


Here he is after his first plane trip (to Florida) in July of 2007. Still an adorable, roly poly little baldy. But don’t let that cute baby pudge fool you. He was already impossible to keep up with by that age.


Same trip, sporting his homemade poncho at Disney World.


Here we are on the beach. He’s taking pictures of his mom taking pictures of him.


This is from October of 2007. It is a rare, non-blurry picture of Bryce. After he learned how to walk, it was very hard to get any good pictures. He was not a big fan of being still. Note the adorable, still bald head. I love little bald babies.


Another classic Bryce shot.


Here he is almost two. This was taken at my niece’s birthday party. He was posing for me. I tell you, the kid is hilarious.


With his lovely mother at his second birthday. He’s finally starting to sprout some of his awesome curls.


This one is from his mother’s maternity pictures. The pictures of Bryce and his dad were some of my favorites from that photo shoot.


From the same photo shoot. I didn’t get a lot of good pictures of Bryce that day (have I mentioned his immense amounts of energy), but I’ve always liked this one.

I don’t have as many recent pictures of Bryce (I may be slightly obsessed with my own baby), but here he is, a bit more grown up.


With his cousin Kaydence in the photo booth at Steele’s first birthday party.


And here he is helping Steele open up birthday presents last month and looking way too grown up.

Happy birthday to my wonderful nephew. I can’t believe you’ve gotten so big so fast. I still think of you as the bald little roly poly guy we took to Florida. I can’t believe it’s already been four years. I love you!

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