Who’s that guy? And what have you done with my baby?!


After I put the baby to bed last night I decided to upload some photos from the camera. I had just taken some pictures for a blog post and I knew there were also some pictures of my precious on there. When the photos uploaded I was met with a huge shocker. Those pictures were not of my baby, they were pictures of some big kid. Yes, he does strongly resemble my son, but I had just snuggled with my baby and he was clearly still a baby. That kid is huge!


Look at him. That is a big kid. A very handsome big kid, if I do say so myself. But clearly way too grown up to be my baby.


You may be wondering why his face is so dirty. I can’t really say. I’m pretty sure he was not doing any soil testing (also known as eating dirt). I think he just wiped his dirty hands all over his face. The dirty face is actually the reason these particular photos were taken. He looked particularly boyish, so Toby grabbed the camera to capture a few shots of the “true boy” face.


That’s much better. That’s what my baby looks like. Clearly Toby’s photography skills are a bit rusty …

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