Baking Day – World Nutella Day

It all started with a giant pumpkin and a ridiculous amount of homemade pumpkin puree. Tara (my oldest friend) posted on facebook that she had just produced an ungodly amount of pumpkin puree. A few phone calls later and pumpkinfest 2010 was born. I packed up little stinker and some baking necessities and we made the long drive out for the baking extravaganza. I don’t recall how many pumpkin recipes we packed into that day, but it was a lot. The day started around 10am and Steele and I finally headed back home, our tupperware full of tasty pumpkin treats, around 3:30. This would be the beginning of a regular event for us.

We get together about once a month at Tara’s house and bake up some tasty treats. It works out well for both Tara and I because our boys can entertain each other and we get some much needed adult conversation time. I also get to feed my baking addiction without ending up with so many baked goods sitting around my house.

The most recent bakefest was last week. We were baking in honor of the upcoming World Nutella Day. I brought along my nutella chips and a recipe that would help me offload some of my steel cut oats that no one was going to eat. We made oatmeal nutella chip cookies (with a few other tasty additions). We also made Cocoa Krispy treats and some super tasty mini bread loaves. Tara also made a really tasty vegetable latke for lunch using the zucchini I brought with me (it was going to go bad if we didn’t eat it that day). I look forward to our next baking day and can’t wait to see what we decide to try.

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