Go Fishing!


My mom and I were looking for something fun to take the baby to do yesterday and decided to make a trip to the aquarium. It worked out very well for my little family because we got a one year membership out of the trip. Woo hoo!


Baba and Stinker at the Ozark river exhibit. This is usually one of the best exhibits, but on this particular day the beavers were visible only on the “beavercam” in their den and the otters were nowhere to be found.





The turtle exhibit, where you can get up close and personal with the cute little turtles. You can even feed them, if you like.


The octopus, or at least part of him. He’s pretty big (and doesn’t like camera flashes).


Partaking in Stinker’s new favorite: self-portraits with the front facing camera. Like a mirror, but better.

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