I gotta feeling …

This past weekend my mom’s office held their annual Christmas party. As far as office Christmas parties go, theirs has always been pretty awesome. I’ve attended several in the past as a guest. But this year I talked my mom into hiring Toby and I (and our then non-existent photo booth) to “shoot” their party. I will go into more detail on the photo booth in a future post. For now I’ll just share some pictures from the evening.

In addition to adding the photo booth, they also had us shoot some candid shots and hired a DJ. And he was actually amazing. He was pretty good at getting everyone out on the dance floor and his music selection was great.

The DJ also did some bingo calling for them. The grand prize was a new television. To win you had to get a blackout. There were two ladies in the running who each had just one space left to fill. Turns out that space was the same number. In the end they had to play rock, paper, scissors for the TV.

As for the photo booth, it was pretty awesome (if I do say so myself). It took everyone a while to get into the picture taking, but once they got started, we got some great material.

I’ve been to several great Tulsa Dermatology Clinic Christmas parties, but this was, hands down, the best party they have ever thrown. Thank you all for a great party and I hope you enjoy your pictures. We really enjoyed taking them.

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