Your mom may be a midwife if …

This past weekend our little family headed south to visit some friends. Not to Texas mind you, just to South Tulsa. These friends used to be neighbors, but for some inexplicable reason chose to leave this fabulous neighborhood and move out to the ‘burbs. Yes, their new house is big enough for us to live there with them for several weeks without their knowledge. And yes, they live within miles of both of Tulsa’s Super Targets. But do they have awesome neighbors? NO!! But regardless of their choice of locale, we still love them, so Saturday night we made the long trek out south to watch some football.

Steele was especially excited because our former neighbors have two kids about his age. Their older child has been one of his best friends for his entire life. We all had a great time hanging out and the kids had a great time playing together. As the kiddos evening was winding down toward a late bedtime, Steele’s friend discovered a fun game. She decided to use her dad’s man-style crossed legs as a tunnel to crawl through. Because she is awesome and older, Steele had to follow her example and crawl through too. This went on for several minutes, with the kids eventually switching to sliding through their tunnel headfirst (Her idea. My kid’s way too timid to think of that one).

And then it happened. Steele is trying to get through the tunnel, but he gets stuck (dad may have been decreasing the width of the tunnel at this point). As he is struggling to get through his friend pipes up with “that’s a big vagina”. Hilarious, I know. The statement is even funnier if you know what her mom does for a living. She works with vaginas (she is a midwife to be exact). Sadly her mom missed out on this hilarity. But I’m sure she would be very proud. And she should be proud of her husband too. He clearly has been doing his Kegels.

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1 Response to Your mom may be a midwife if …

  1. Kim Kmita says:

    Brad didn’t tell me about that! That’s hilarious. When I dropped the kids off at school this morning one of the teachers said this week’s topic is occupations. When Anna was asked what her Mama did for a living, her response was “she catches babies…. they come out of ba-ginas.” Only my kids! Thanks for the funny story.

    PS We miss our old neighborhood, but most of all our friends. It is so nice at 3 AM to live this close to the hospital though!

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