Can you sing with all the voices of the mountain?


I had a birthday a few weeks back. As is our tradition, my sisters and I got together for dinner for my birthday. As is also our tradition, we relied on Felicia to arrange everything. When she first broached the subject she asked me if Friday, October 15, would be good for my birthday dinner. She explained that my birthday was on a Sunday, so we needed to have the dinner on a different day. I didn’t see any real need to avoid Sunday, but I figured it must have something to do with everyone else’s busy work schedules. So I told her that I was not busy. I did make sure to point out that the day she had selected was nearly a week after my birthday and that there was a perfectly good Friday available just two days before my birthday. But again, I chalked this strangeness up to everyone else’s busy work schedule.

So a couple of weeks passed before I heard anymore about my birthday dinner. On the Monday before my birthday dinner (which would be the day after my actual birthday) I got a message from Felicia asking if there was somewhere I would like to go out to eat, or would I like to cook something together. Since I don’t get out much, I probably should have chosen the dinner out, but cooking together sounded like a lot of fun, so I went with that choice. I also decided to see if Toby could watch Steele because I thought it might be nice to get to hang out with just sisters for a change. Turns out Felicia beat me to the punch. Toby said she already asked him to watch Steele and was actually surprised that I knew about the dinner. In addition to Toby’s aforementioned comment, I also had been told by Felicia a few weeks earlier that she had a great idea for my birthday. I suppose I should have suspected something at this point, but I didn’t.

Fast forward a few days and its the day before the “big” event. Felicia and I message back and forth a few times trying to figure out what we are going to cook and what she needs to buy. Somewhere in all this messaging I realize that my birthday party is going to be held at my house. It seems a bit strange to me that I’ve been volunteered to host my own birthday party, but I do have the best house for the event, so I don’t worry about it too much. Mostly I was super excited to get to spend an evening with just the girls. And the pasta dish we were going to be “cooking” looked really yummy.

The big day finally arrives and I get the house “guest ready” and Steele and I head off to swim class. I left Toby in charge of the last minute cleaning preparation. Steele and I arrive back at my house to find all of my sisters there. I pack up Steele to go off to the park with his dad, and we get to the business of cooking dinner. I do make one important stop before the dinner prep. I headed next door to borrow my neighbor’s karaoke machine. I had just downloaded Disney’s Princess Karaoke and was eager to share it with my sisters. Especially Chelle, who shares my love of singing badly, especially to Disney Princess songs. I do not, however, take the Karaoke machine to its most logical destination: the basement. Felicia asks me if I’m going to take the karaoke machine to the basement, but I say I’ll do it after dinner (I wanted to make sure I could get it working before I lugged it downstairs). As with many of the strange particulars surrounding this party, the basement question should have piqued my curiosity, but it didn’t. I went about making dinner.

It wasn’t until around 7:30-8:00 pm that I began to get very curious as to what was going on. We had finished dinner and the sun had completely set. Mostly I was wondering what my son was doing at a park for so long and so late at night. It was at this point that I decided to fire up the karaoke. Again, Felicia encouraged me to take the machine downstairs. I figured she must be concerned for my neighbors (I had several windows in the house open). So I packed up the machine and we headed downstairs. This is when I was finally let in on the surprise. Felicia informed me that they were all staying the night. We were having a slumber party! Suddenly it all began to make sense. The date they selected was because of my oldest little sister’s custody arrangement. And Sunday would not work for a party day because it was a slumber party. Lastly, the party was at my house because it was a slumber party (I had mentioned to Felicia a few months back that I wanted to host a sister slumber party). And most importantly, my son was not at the park for two hours in the dark, he was at his grandmother’s spending the night.

This was hands down, the best birthday party I have ever had. The basement was completely decorated. We had a pinata and played pin the tail on the donkey. We had some very tasty adult beverages (featuring my most beloved Bombay Sapphire). And we had Princess Karaoke. We even took our singing skills on the road, “caroling” for my neighbors. The party would have been amazing even without the slumber party element, but I’ve never been thrown a surprise party (and they did a mighty fine job of keeping it a secret). I love being around my sisters. When I’m with them, I’m much more myself than with anyone else. I had a blast and am so grateful to be related to four of the most amazing people I have ever met.

I edited my oldest little sister’s video footage down to a more watchable length. I also saved everyone the horror pleasure of listening to our singing. Feel free to sing along with “Colors of the Wind” as you watch. On a side note, Chelle isn’t crying during the filming of the pinata slaying. She just has “hasfestus” in her eye.

Toby set up the “photo studio” for us, but the girls forgot about it until midnight, so we didn’t take many pictures. I did get some great shots of Chelle and Blair though.

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3 Responses to Can you sing with all the voices of the mountain?

  1. I love my sisters too, and I loved reading this story and watching the video. 🙂

  2. I found your blog through your comment on The Pioneer Woman website. I love your story. Singing together is always such fun. Unfortunately I do not have a note in my head and when I start to sing to my little girl’s CD in the car, she usually tells me “The CD is just fine, Mom.”
    Looks like you all had a wonderful time,

    • rnowlin says:

      Thanks! I’m sure my singing in the car career is not long for this world. My son is only two now, so he still tolerates it.

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