This weekend …

Quite a bit happened this weekend.

I converted Steele’s crib to a toddler bed. He is now free to roam about the house.

I began my first serious attempt to potty train Steele. So far I’m pretty pleased with the results. It probably helps that I headed into my potty training adventure with very low expectations.

I led my running group on a 12 mile run at the crack of dawn on Saturday. For many of them this was their longest run ever. And a distance I’m sure some of them thought they could never complete.

I agreed to watch my niece today for a few hours and ended up watching a friends little girl as well. Both girls arrived around the time Steele should have been taking a nap. And both girls are very beloved by my son. Obviously I could not expect him to nap under these circumstances (especially now that he has the freedom not to stay in his bed). After several fatigue induced meltdowns, I finally took him screaming upstairs where he pretty quickly fell asleep. The girls had a great time together and I enjoyed getting to experience some female children for a change.

Last, and most important, this weekend marked the birthday of my most beloved female of all time. Today my mom turned 60.
Steele and I took her to Starbucks to celebrate … where we were attacked by a very persistent bee.

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