Swim School revisited

As I mentioned in an earlier post, following a not-so-impressive first swim class, I decided to put my son in swim school for the entire fall/ winter session. After his somewhat lukewarm reception to his first swimming class, I thought it would be best to keep him swimming over the colder months, so he didn’t have an even less positive reaction to the pool next summer. In preparation for his swimming boot camp we did take a month off from swim classes and went for regular fun swims at my grandmother’s pool. This worked wonders. By the end of the summer my son loved the pool again and had learned to tolerate going under water and to actually hold his breath when being submerged.

After our month off, I entered our new swim class with renewed confidence and hope. An admittedly selfish hope that I would soon be able to get out of swim class and let Steele swim on his own while I watched from the comfort of the glass box with all the other parents. Sadly my hopes for getting out of the pool were quickly dashed on the first day of class. Sure, my kid had shown dramatic improvement, but it clearly would not be enough to get us to the next level. Our current level had two swim studs in it. These kids were practically ready for the olympic team and their parents were still stuck in that pool week after week (children’s swim abilities were very slightly exaggerated for dramatic effect). Needless to say, I felt that our initial class had given me a false sense of security. But we bravely soldiered on and Steele did really well. He was never quite up to “swim stud” level, but he was darn close. It also helped that some other poor parent had a child that cried through the entire class every week. It made me feel a little bit better about our first swim class (Steele only cried through 25-50% of every class).

Then “ribbon week” arrived. “Ribbon week” is essentially report card week for swim school. There are certain skills your child is supposed to be able to perform in order to receive ribbons and to eventually move on to the next level. I approached ribbon week with a bit of trepidation. I was a bit excited by the possibility of ribbons for Steele (we did not get a ribbon for our first class), but I was also a bit worried that he wouldn’t get any. But it turns out that my neurotic behavior motherly concern was all unnecessary. Not only did Steele earn 4 ribbons, he also graduated to the next class. I have to say I am very excited to get to wear less revealing attire to future swim classes and I am very proud of my little swim stud.

Steele, showing off his well deserved ribbons (there is a fourth ribbon in the hand that I “artistically” cropped out of the picture).

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