Swim School Graduate


My baby graduated from his first swim class last week. He did graduate mostly by default, but I’m not letting that stop me from forcing him to take putting him in the next level of swim lessons.

Some of the myriad forms of torture I inflicted on my son two days a week for the month of June. The picture on the left shows the dunking ritual. Before this was introduced into the lessons, he pretty much liked swim class. But once the dunking started, many aspects of swimming were ruined for him. The duck slide, which once brought such joy to his life, was now a huge, yellow source of unspeakable terror. Where he once reveled in jumping into the pool, he now flailed, kicked and screamed his way out of standing on that wall. The other source of terror for him involved floating on his back (pictured top center). I’m not sure why this is so scary, but it seems to be pretty universal. I was pretty pleased during week three to see a much older girl performing the forced back floating maneuver and screaming and kicking far louder than my kid ever did.

I would like to note that he didn’t hate all of swim class. He actually mostly enjoyed it. He does like to play in the pool. He just doesn’t appreciate having his hair mussed … Or perhaps he just doesn’t like the mass quantities of water he inadvertently inhaled.

As you will note from these pictures, I am in the pool with him the entire time. This is the one aspect of the swim lessons that I was not too thrilled about. For starters, I haven’t purchased a swimsuit in a decade (and that one was a bikini). Fortunately, my mom took pity on me and bought me a nice new one piece swimsuit. I was especially grateful on the first day of class when I entered the pool area only to discover that the pool is surrounded by glassed in viewing areas full of other parents who are completely clothed. And to make matters even more uncomfortable, all the instructors are in shorts and t-shirts (not swimsuits). At least there were two other moms in the class suffering with me. Aside from my discomfort with being on display my other reason to not be so enthused about the mommy and me aspect of our swim class is that I think Steele might do a bit better with mom not around. The first lesson actually proved my point for me quite nicely. He wouldn’t do anything for me, but if the instructor took him, he did just what she told him to do. But in the end I was glad I was there. I learned a lot about the process of getting comfortable in the water and learning how to swim. Plus I got a great new swimsuit out of the deal.

Hoping dad will save him (dad came to the last class and took all the pictures in this post).

Here he is refusing to climb out of the water for fear that jumping in will end in being dunked.

Here we are singing “If you’re happy and you know it”. Most of the activities are taught hand in hand with a catchy tune. The one thing he learned best at swim class was the song “Row, row, row your boat”.


If you live in the Tulsa area and don’t already go there, I would highly recommend Miller Swim School. They have a great program and great instructors. Our instructor was very good at working with the little kids, especially my overly clingy son.

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