Bakefest: Brownie Stuffed Chocolate Chip Cookies


At long last, the full bakefest post. As I mentioned earlier, my friend Tara and I made some really yummy cookies at our last bakefest. For those of you unfamiliar with a bakefest (and it’s a made up event so I imagine not many people are familiar with the term), its when you get together with an awesome friend (or friends) and bake ’til your hearts content. This was not our first bakefest and hopefully won’t be our last.

Now for the main event: Chocolate chip cookies stuffed with equally yummy treats. We set out to stuff them with brownies (which Tara was nice enough to bake in advance), but I had some s’mores fixin’s lying around, so we stuffed some of the cookies with s’mores. The recipe comes from a site called Picky Palate, which I discovered on the Pioneer Woman’s cooking page. Picky Palate has some wonderful recipes, including many variations of the stuffed chocolate chip cookie.

Picky Palate’s original post has all you need to know to make the cookies, but I thought I would include in this post some tips we stumbled upon for making the stuffing process go a lot smoother. The recipe recommends placing scoops of cookie dough all around the brownie (or s’more), and then smooshing it around the treat to cover. We found this was a pain in the butt and resulted in a not so pretty cookie (see below).


Both of these “cookies” were created using the recipe instructions. Only one of them actually resembles a cookie.

What follows is our solution to getting more uniform and easy to assemble cookies.
Step one: Wet your hand (this helps keep the dough from sticking). Then place about three cookie scoops worth of cookie dough in your hand and spread flat to cover the palm of your hand. Finally, place the tasty treat of choice on top of the flattened dough (in this case it was a mini s’more).
Step 2: Using both hands wrap the sides of the flattened dough up and around the tasty treat.
Step 3: Smooth out the gigantic cookie dough ball and you are done!

A tray full of stuffed cookies ready for the oven (the less attractive cookie in the back was made using the original technique, before Tara discovered our new and improved stuffing method).

Brownie stuffed, chocolate chip cookies. Fresh from the oven!

The s’mores all made up and ready to be stuffed in some cookies. That’s my fancy, Cosi s’mores roasting kit they are sitting on.

S’mores stuffed chocolate cookies cooling off.

Cracking open a s’more stuffed cookie. These were my favorite.

The bakefest was a huge success and the cookies were really wonderful. They are really big, so you probably wouldn’t want to make a full batch just for yourself (at least I didn’t). I found the cookie dough recipe to be very tasty and very soft and moist. The cookies were still soft a few days later. If you are feeling adventurous, give these a try.

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