All you can eat ice cream!!


Yesterday was the annual ice cream smorgasbord at our local Blue Bell ice cream factory. The event, officially dubbed the Taste of Summer, happens at the end of June every year and involves a lot of sun and heat, some really bad singing and all the Blue Bell ice cream and ice cream treats you can eat! I personally love it and have attended the event for the past 5 or 6 years.

I was amazed this year to see how much the event has grown since I first attended it. The first time I went, there was one area where ice cream was served and the ice cream treats were served from cooler bags carried around by Blue Bell personnel. This year there were at least 5 locations for ice cream as well as 4-5 carts full of various ice cream treats. There was also a crazy long line for the factory tour. In previous years its always been very easy to get in to tour the factory.

For those interested here are my stats for the day:

Treat #1: Pumpkin pecan spice ice cream (and a small scoop of chocolate for Steele). This was my favorite ice cream of the day. It was introduced last fall, but quickly sold out and never returned because of the pumpkin shortage.
Treat #2: The quest for the rainbow popsicle. My lifelong friend and her kiddos were with us this year and her older son wanted a rainbow bomb pop. Because of the aforementioned growth of the festival, locating a rainbow bomb pot took me a while. We did finally locate them at the last frozen treat stand we went to. I consumed 2/3 of a strawberry popsicle while we searched.
Treat #3: The old standbys; cookies and cream + triple carmel. Triple carmel used to be very hard (actually impossible) to find at the local grocery store, but finally became pretty readily available last summer. It’s always a Taste of Summer favorite. At this stop, Steele got a small scoop of banana pudding (which I may have had a few bites of).
Treat #4: A small scoop of pistachio almond, just to see if I liked it (it was okay, but I wouldn’t buy it at the store).
Treat #5: A scoop of dutch chocolate ice cream. The folks a Blue Bell sure do know how to do chocolate ice cream.
Intermission: Foam hat decorating (see image above for the fruits of our labor)
Treat #6: While waiting for my companions to use the port-o-potties, I finally discovered the hiding place of the fudge and banana bomb pop. It was awesome (as usual), but hard to eat. Popsicles + extreme heat + wind = very messy.
Treat #7: The grand finale for the day was 2/3 of a good, old fashioned ice cream sandwich.

If you have a Blue Bell Taste of Summer in your area, I would highly recommend attending. It’s very affordable ($5 for ages 7 and up), the ice cream is amazing and they have lots of other great family friendly activities (hat decorating, milking a fake cow, bouncy things, etc.).

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