Around here we like bubbles. We are currently on our third bubble machine (and my child is only 2). In fairness, the second one only lasted one day, then it got returned to Wal-Mart. In addition to the bubble machine, we also have some awesome large bubble wands from the dollar store. They make some great, huge bubbles, if you have the correct solution. Personally, I have never been able to find a bubble solution at the store that holds up well enough for big bubbles. So I scoured the internet and found a homemade solution that works really well.


Here is my interpretation of the recipe I found:


1/2 Gallon distilled water
5 oz. Dawn dish washing soap
1 oz. Glycerine (3 tbsp)
20-30 oz of a quality bubble solution


These are our dollar store bubble wands (I believe you can find them in the discount bins at Target as well). I love these because they make cool, big bubbles and because my 2 year old can actually get them to blow bubbles. He’s generally too aggressive with his approach to bubble blowing, but with the homemade bubbles and large bubble wands he can actually participate in the bubble blowing.


I do have a few tips for you in case you choose to try making these bubbles yourself. First off, the distilled water is necessary. Second, all the recipes you might find for homemade bubble solution will lead you to believe that glycerin is easy to come by. They are lying. I had a hell of a time finding it. The solution will work without it, but it works much, much better with the glycerin. I found my first bottle of glycerin at my friend’s house. She had purchased it to remove ink stains from her couch. Once I finally returned that bottle, I purchased my own bottle at Michaels. I found this particular bottle in the cake decorating section. The bottle I borrowed from my friend was larger and was purchased at Hobby Lobby in the soap making section. Third, the recipe also calls for quality bubble solution. This does not mean you should buy the $10 Gazillion Bubbles. I use scented bubbles I bought at the dollar store. They seem to work pretty well. My final bit of advice is that you should store your bubbles away from your children. Not for the sake of the children, but for the benefit of the bubbles. Dirt particles in the bubble solution make it perform less well. I keep my bubble solution in a glass drink dispenser and dole out a little bit at a time.

Steele testing the mixture for me. I think he approves.

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