Why my baby had a mohawk



A couple of weeks ago I gave my baby this haircut … on purpose. In case you were wondering why …

It was to go with this haircut.


So we could take these family photos.

This is the generous young lady who made this little project possible. She is actually a very skilled stylist who generally gets paid really well to style hair at a very nice salon. Unfortunately, not unlike myself, she made the mistake of taking Toby’s photo class. And now she has cut her first real mullet (and did a very fine job, if I do say so myself). She was also nice enough to take the portraits for us.




Yes, perhaps giving your family extreme haircuts for the sake of a few entertaining photos is a bit strange. But the photos were totally worth it. At least I think so.


Two weeks later Toby is still stuck with the mullet, so he might not agree.

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2 Responses to Why my baby had a mohawk

  1. filmdrift says:

    Well done, funny and nice pics. Cute baby, too. 🙂

  2. Tammy says:

    This completed my great weekend! Ryan- this is awesome!

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