Finding Muno


As I mentioned before, my mom recently purchased an aquarium membership for my family. It has turned out to be a very worthwhile purchase. My son is addicted to the aquarium. This addiction also coincides with his need to watch Finding Nemo every day (he pronounces Nemo “Muno”). Because the aquarium is a bit of a drive, I try to limit our visits to two a week. I realize that doesn’t sound like much of a limit, but I really enjoy the aquarium as well (when I grew up, I wanted to be a marine biologist). While on our visits I have been working on improving my Iphone photography skills. I never take the big camera with me to the aquarium. I have actually been pretty impressed with the results I have gotten from the Iphone.


One of several species of jelly fish. These are moon jellies. They are the most photogenic of the jellies.


Some sort of gigantic clam (and Muno himself). Also very photogenic. I have several pictures of him.


This is my favorite aquarium picture so far. This eel usually only has his other end exposed, so getting a shot of his head was a rare opportunity. I also love the colors and the composition in this one. The little shrimp is an added bonus.


This is one of my earliest aquarium pictures. The octopus has since disappeared. His tank just says “new exhibit coming soon”. I’m not sure what happened to him.


I love this guy (that is a fish, not a rock).


I love this fish, but I have a hard time getting Steele to come look at him with me. I guess Steele thinks he’s boring. I think he’s very pretty. And very orange.


An anemone. And some other fish. Again, I liked the colors.

One of my favorite areas of the aquarium is the Fishes of Oklahoma exhibit. We breed our fish big and scary here in Oklahoma. It contains some of the most interesting specimens.


Scary and large example number one: the alligator snapping turtle. They weigh over 100 pounds. They also don’t move much. Except that one time we caught them mating.


Scary and ridiculously large example number two: the alligator gar. This thing is bigger than I am. They are really good at hiding in the dark areas at the back of the tank then slowly popping out into the light. It can be a bit creepy. I think they like visitors. They seem to come up front when someone comes to see them.


These fish aren’t that big, but they are a bit creepy. Their tank has some great lighting though.

Not all of our local fish are scary. There are also some reasonably sized sport fish.



I’ve always loved the reflection of the go fishing sign in their tank. Although it does seem a bit cruel.

A new area just off of the Oklahoma fish tanks is the local river exhibit. We have some non-fish specimen there. There are a pair of beavers, some raccoons and some otters.


This was a rare beaver sighting. There is a “beaver cam” that shows what’s going on inside their den, which is where the beavers tend to be when we visit. It was especially nice of them to come out of the house to show off their bottom grooming skills and extreme flexibility.

While the Iphone seems to do a pretty good job of capturing fish in spite very low lighting, it doesn’t do so well at capturing fast moving toddlers. I have several dark, strangely colored pictures with large blurs running through the middle of them. I also have a few that turned out alright. Still strangely colored, but I like the unique coloring. It distracts from the graininess.


Steele checking out the stingrays.


Steele showing off his fish to his big brother.


Taking advantage of one of many “touch tanks”. He doesn’t really like to touch the animals, but he loves to play in the water.


And this is our fish picture gallery at home. I plan to cycle out the pictures as I get ones that I like better.

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