Fick it?

So I made an awesome discovery today. Bob the Builder is available for streaming on Netflix! I’d never actually seen the show before today. I had, however, heard the theme song. And I had read a Bob the Builder book (to Steele). Since I find the Bob the Builder book to be a bit dull, I always sing the theme song at the end. It just seems appropriate, and Steele likes my singing (for now).

Bob the Builder.
Can we fix it?
Bob the Builder
Yes we can!

So now my son identifies Bob the Builder as Fick it. To the untrained ear, this probably sounds like something a two year old definitely shouldn’t say. But I promise, he’s saying “fix it”. He may pop off a damnit here and there, but my kid doesn’t drop F bombs. I’ve apparently managed to keep that one away from his very sensitive ears.

Now if you happen to hear him say “sit” … Let’s just say he has been at Baba’s house while his other Baba was watching some KU basketball.

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