Nice hat!

In an effort to spend less, I began shopping at Walmart again several months ago. I generally avoid the Walmarts because, in my experience, going to Walmart usually makes for a bad shopping experience. Also, it annoys me that they won’t pay cashiers to ring up my purchases. Sure, there are cashiers here and there, but mostly Walmart seems to want me to use the self check out. And I loathe the self check out. But I’ve decided that I can deal with the inconvenience to save a few dollars here and there. Now, on occasion, I venture out to my friendly neighborhood supercenter (which I affectionately refer to as ghetto Walmart) and make some purchases. These trips have become more scarce lately because someone got shot at ghetto Walmart, and I no longer want to take my baby there. Unfortunately there are a few items I have found that cannot be located anywhere but Walmart, so I’ve been branching out and trying to hit up other Walmarts when I’m out and about.

This weekend provided me with just such an opportunity. The baby and I were heading out south for a girls and kids night and our destination just happened to have a supercenter on the way. So we stopped in and picked up my two items which cannot be purchased anywhere but the Walmart. While I was there, I decided to stop by the baby section. I couldn’t resist. Also, it was right next door to the shoe section and I am on the lookout for cheap, Croc knockoffs for my precious. While we were in the baby section I spotted a package of 2T-3T Yo Gabba Gabba underwear. Into my hands they went and almost as quickly, into Steele’s hands they went. Yes, purchasing underwear we don’t yet need does defeat the purpose of going to Walmart to save money, but they were so darn cute. And did I mention, my baby wanted them. So we continue on our shopping trip and the next thing I know, the kid has all the undies out of the package and has proceeded to put a pair of them on his head. Being the good mother that I am, I did not take his picture and turn him in to the people of Walmart website (also, I just wanted to get out of Walmart and stopping to take a picture causes delays).

I did, however, have him show his undies to Dad when he got home. Of course he showed Dad how they were meant to be worn. And he insisted we wear some too. The package did come with three pairs, after all. So here is what we do for fun on a Saturday night …


Showing us how it’s done (also sporting one of my running singlets).



I may be a bit biased, because I’m his mother, but I think he pulls off the look quite nicely.


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