The worst day of his life … so far


This is my baby, two years ago today. It was the worst day of his life. He cried like this for at least five hours after he was born.


See, still miserable.


To contrast, here is me. This was absolutely one of the best days of my life. It was also one of the few aspects of pregnancy I actually enjoyed.


This is what made my enjoyment possible: the epidural. I didn’t feel a thing.


This is what made my son so unhappy: pitocin. That’s right. I was starting the tough love early. I kicked him right on out of that womb. He got no coddling from me (at least on that day).


And this is how the day started. Toby and I set off for the hospital for a scheduled induction (with pop tarts in hand). We arrived at the hospital, along with my mom and stepdad and quickly checked in and got the good drugs flowing. My dad, stepmom and sisters arrived not too long after we did.


This is me pretending to peacefully sleep through labor. I didn’t actually get in a nap that day. There was just too much going on, not including the birth. I had my entire immediate family in the delivery room with me for the entirety of labor. Not the actual delivery, just the “labor”. I think that most people don’t like to have a party in their labor room, but I enjoyed the company. I had a great day and at the end of it all, I met the most amazing person I know.


Happy birthday, my beautiful boy. I hope you enjoy it far more than you did your actual birthday.


I love you!

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