Warmer weather on the way!!!

It’s finally started warming up around here. The ice is finally clearing off of my drive and off of the neighborhood streets. Two days ago we had temperatures in the -20’s and in two more days we will have a high of 70 degrees. That’s Oklahoma for you.

I can’t say I’ve really enjoyed our winter weather, but I tried to make the best of it. Although I rarely left home, I had a pretty eventful two weeks. Steele and I played in the snow almost every day. I got to shovel 12+ inches of snow off of my driveway, not once, but twice! During one of my shoveling escapades, my son managed to grow a third eye in the middle of his forehead. I can’t say exactly how this head wound occurred, but the crash was very loud and the bruise has been the longest lived of his life so far. I also attended my first college basketball game of the season (and Steele his first basketball game ever).


Steele playing in the “nose” (how he currently says snow). We worked with our next door neighbor to create a nice snow tunnel for the kids to play in. I only managed to coax Steele through it once, but I crawled through the tunnel a few times. And the neighbor’s dogs liked it.


Sledding in the neighborhood with Steele’s big brother, Anthony. For real sledding, we get in the car and go several blocks over to the local high school football field, which is in the bottom of a good sized detention pond. But for learning to snowboard, we stuck to the street around the corner.


The infamous head wound. The bruise has mostly cleared up now.

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