Snowpocalypse 2011


For those of you living in Oklahoma, this is nothing new to you, but over the past week we received a snowfall of record breaking proportions. The accumulation for my area (for one day) was about 14 inches. Yes, people who live where it actually snows, this is not catastrophic … to you. But here where it doesn’t really snow, that was definitely apocalyptic. Almost all businesses closed for two days. No one left their house last week unless they absolutely had to. Grocery stores ran out of food Monday night when everyone was preparing for the storm, and didn’t get restocked until the following Saturday/ Sunday. We didn’t receive mail for four days. Who knows when the trash will get picked up. Kids have been out of school for a week now and we don’t know when they are going back (or frankly, why they aren’t going back tomorrow). Also, somewhere in all that it dumped another 3-4″ on us. It was an amazingly big deal. We just don’t have the resources on hand to deal with that amount of snowfall (mostly because we don’t usually get that much snow around here).

Living in a state where weather is always made a big deal of on the news, I’ve become a bit jaded when it comes to reports of the catastrophic weather that’s about to ensue. I heard about the snow storm, but I can’t say I was overly worried. My biggest concern was: would this be a bunch of hype and hysteria over nothing. So I was pleasantly surprised to look out my window Tuesday morning and see a huge blanket of snow. At least we didn’t get all worked up over nothing!

The snow coming down, earlier in the morning of the first day of Snowpocalypse 2011.

“But I don’t want to wear your stupid Buff!”

Getting bundled up for snow pictures.

We took Steele out for his annual snowstorm pictures. We have had a big snowstorm in every year he’s been alive. These are his third snowstorm pictures. His first were taken when he was a week old.

We also took the cats out for pictures. They are clearly enjoying this rare glimpse of the outside world.

Steele and I after trudging down the drive to our car. This was our deepest snowdrift.

Steele standing in my “footprint”.


Our next door neighbor.

More neighbors. Getting ready for the ill-fated snowball fight, followed by drinks with friends around a nice warm fire.

Our next door neighbor making the best of the snowball fight plan. It was a very dry snow. Not so good for packing.

Steele, working the snow.

Shoveling snow. Don’t let the pictures fool you. I did more than my fair share of shoveling. I just do more of the picture taking.

It’s been a pain being stuck at home for so long and having to deal with so much snow, but it’s been a lot of fun as well. I’ll try to post a more positive story about the snow in the not so distant future. Now if only the upcoming weather forecast didn’t look so bad …

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