Happy Birthday Felicia!


I first met her 23 years ago today. Well, it actually might have been 23 years ago tomorrow. I was twelve and my memory is a bit sketchy on the exact details. The point is: we met and I think she’s pretty swell! What makes her so swell, you ask. Well here are just a few things:

My baby took a fancy to her almost immediately. She is actually listening when you talk to her (and she will pop off random facts to prove it). She can answer a text message almost before you’ve sent your query. She has great taste in home furnishings. She had a root beer keg party for her 21st birthday, complete with more Hello Kitty decorations than I knew existed. She helps me find new music (because I’m far too lazy to seek it out for myself). She always plans everyone’s birthday celebration. And she has learned to appreciate how incredibly awesome Yo Gabba Gabba really is. But most of all she’s just really pleasant to be around.

My younger sister is one of the few people in the world I would say I genuinely admire. I’m very lucky to be related to such a wonderful person and I hope she has a wonderful World Nutella Day!


In a cab in Jamaica.


From back in the day.


I forgot to mention, she can do some trapeze flying.


This was taken when she was cooler than she is now. Sadly, she combed the dreds out a few weeks after this picture was taken. I love her anyway.


Gratuitous picture of my baby (with his favorite aunt after her college graduation a couple of months ago).


Happy birthday Felicia! I love you.

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