Another resolution

Hair self portrait

I’ve decided I’m not getting a haircut for the next two years. It’s been about 20 years since I’ve had hair long enough to be considered anything other than short. Earlier this week I was admiring the length of my younger sister’s hair and I asked how long it had been since she last got it cut. She said it had been two years. In order to save money, I have not gotten very many haircuts over the last few years, but I’ve never been able to let my hair get what you would call long. I just don’t like having long hair.

Still, our conversation got me thinking, “maybe I should stop cutting my hair”. Admittedly, she has gorgeous, thick hair that looks good really long and I have stringy thin hair that looks bad in general, but I’m still going to try it out for a couple of years. I’ll add updates with pictures throughout the next two years.

My last haircut was October of 2010, so my next allowed haircut will be October of 2012. Although I will allow myself a trim or two if the ends are getting too shaggy, but I’ll be sure to take before and after pictures to verify that the trim is not, in fact, a haircut.

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