The zoo


For the past two Christmases I have asked for (and received) a zoo membership for our family. Today we finally made use of this year’s membership. It’s still a bit cold outside, so we mostly visited the “living museum” portion of the park. I thought it was a nice change of pace as I don’t often visit the buildings. I like to go to the zoo to be outside, but the living museum has some great exhibits.


The highlight of the trip for my stinker was, of course, the playground. Don’t get me wrong. He likes the animals and would be perfectly happy to look at them all day … until he spots the playground.


Then it’s all over. He just wants to sit in the train, pretending to eat mulch (sometimes not so much pretending).


The highlight for me, on the other hand, was a close encounter with a cute little monkey in the rain forest exhibit. I’ve always been a big fan of the tiny little orange monkeys, but I didn’t realize that they, like many of the other rain forest animals, have free reign of the building. As we were looking over the railing to find the little monkeys, one ran across the handrail, stopping at the stroller to say hi. Sadly he didn’t jump in the stroller, so we had to go home monkeyless.


Dad and Stinker watching pelicans walk on water (also known as ice skating).

Other highlights included getting to hear a roar-off between the lions and tigers, getting to see mom and baby snow leopards play with/ hunt one another, and getting a close up viewing of the 3 month old penguin (a friend of mine is their keeper). All in all it was a very good zoo trip, in spite of the low temperatures (and the annoying family in pajamas we couldn’t seem to lose).

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