The World According to Steele


Steele has always been a big talker, he just hasn’t been very intelligible until recently. As he is finally learning to speak English, the names he comes up with for everyday things can be pretty entertaining. So for those of you who don’t spend 24/7 with him, here is a little translation to help you better understand his current version of English.

Anny: Banana …
or Anna
Deeny: His big brother Anthony
Fiend (technically friend): Yo Gabba Gabba
Cookie: Keebler Toasteds wheat crackers (I’m certainly not going to tell him those aren’t actually cookies)
Show: Jack’s Big Music Show (one of the few mom approved television shows and great for introducing music to toddlers)

With Gram

Baba: This is a popular nickname applying to both my mother and father as well as Kit, my stepdad

Watching Penguins

Fefe: Felicia, my second youngest sister (and Steele’s favorite aunt … shhh, don’t tell my other 3 sisters) …
also my youngest sister Chelle (shhh, don’t tell Felicia).


Waii (like Hawaii, without the ha): water …
also soda, or tea, or whatever tasty and forbidden beverage you happen to be drinking


Meal: Oatmeal, our current breakfast of choice
Uff: Dog (I may be responsible for this one)


I hope you enjoyed this glimpse inside the mind of my little genius. I’m sure he’ll soon be using more correct (and boring) English to describe things, but for now I’m really enjoying learning his version of our language.

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