Tea Time

My tea service

When I lived in England, I learned to love hot tea with milk and I passed this love on to my mother.  When I returned home we began a regular tea time tradition complete with a tea pot, a pitcher of milk and some sugar.  We don’t do our tea time as much anymore, but I do still love my hot tea. The other day as I headed downstairs to do some work, I decided a tea time would be just the thing to cure my caffeine craving. I dug the poor tea tray out of it’s home in the dark top shelf of the pantry and made myself a pot of tea.

My tea kettle

Here’s where the magic begins:  my tea kettle.  It’s self brewing and beautiful.  This is how they boil water for their tea in England.  Last year I decided the cheap stove top kettle I had was too disgusting to boil water for my son’s cereal in, so I upgraded to this little number. I love it.

Tea tray's home

This dark little corner of the house was where I was storing my tea tray. I haven’t used it in years.

My teapot (and it's cozy)

Here is my tea pot with its super stylish cozy (it serves its purpose). The lovely cozy is there to keep the tea warm long enough for the entire pot to be consumed.

Milk pitcher

Step one: add about 3/8″ of milk to the bottom of the tea cup. It’s best if your milk pitcher is cute and round. I got this one with my china set at an outlet mall that blew away in a tornado a few months later.

Sugar bowl

Step two: add a scant half spoonful of sugar. Note the cute roundness of the sugar bowl.

My teacup

The finished product. Such a nice color and tasty to boot. It really hit the spot.


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